What Is Shapewear, And How To Use It?

It seems that classic shapewear has become an essential must-have item for women these days. Over time, it has managed to find a special place in every woman wardrobe. Whether it’s for a party, office wear, or gym accessory, shapewear is something that can completely transform our look, and make us look slimmer.

But, what exactly does this piece of clothes do, and what are the types you can experiment with?



If you don’t know where to start, then tights should be something to consider. For instance, they can slim your whole legs, rear, waist, thighs, or hips. Additionally, they can smooth out any panty lines, while boosting your appearance.

Full bodysuit

Full body suits narrow down the hips and keeps the stomach in place, but they can also make your chest look smaller. However, you can explore some new models which feature open bust line, which could lift your breast.

So, when you are trying a body suite, pay attention to smoothing effects and whether it creates any bulges in different spots.

On the other hand, if you want to make your breasts appear smaller when selecting a suit that covers them. Additionally, if you think that this type of shapewear will make your butt appear smaller, then you could test the model that boosts your behind. For that reason, some of them include padding, while others use panels to lift woman’s rear.



The stomach is the number one spot women try to hide. Therefore, a cami is a great option to help you smooth out muffin top and bra bulge on your neck.


When wearing shapewear panties, they can significantly minimize panty lines and slim down your hips, thighs, bottom, and even your stomach. If you want to achieve sleek thighs, then you should choose a short cut. However, make sure that the leg band doesn’t cut into your skin.

On the other hand, if you don’t need help in the thigh region, then brief cuts can do a fantastic job and help you create a more seamless look. If you require additional assistance with your abdomen, then high-waisted shapewear style can cover your stomach, while accentuating your bottom.


Many women like to wear a slip under a dress. In that case, why not choose one with extra soothing features. A high-quality slip can help you minimize bulges and panty lines under a thin sheer dress.

There are a lot of options out there, so why not bringing your dress when shopping for a slip. You want to make sure it doesn’t poke out beneath. However, if you are wearing a dress, then go for half-slip that starts at the waist.

Mid-thigh shaper

They are similar to bicycle shorts that go up to the waist, or even higher. In that way, mid-thigh shapers cinch your butt, thighs, midsection, and hips. However, make sure to get your size; otherwise, the band on the top will rollover. Also, if you have a flat behind, the shaper will make it flatter.