How To Choose The Best Corsets For Your Body Shape?

A quick internet search will provide you a lot of information about the corset, but what about different types of corsets. With so many options out there, it’s tough to decide which one will match your needs.As time goes by, so does their purpose change.

Nowadays, you can choose corsets according to fabric, color, and fit. Additionally, you should consider its purpose as well.

For example, do you need a corset for a workout, or simply to hide extra pounds and appear slimmer?So, here are a couple of suggestions you might find useful.

Understand terminology

There are a few terms you should get familiar with before you go corset shopping.
Underbust – this is the most common type that sits right under your breasts and goes to your hips. They are usually made for women with longer torsos.


Waist clincher – compared to traditional corsets, waist clinchers are made for women who want to flatten their stomachs. However, they aren’t sturdy, so curvier women should avoid them. Waist clinchers usually start at the bottom of your ribs.

Corset silhouette – this type points out your waist, and hourglass silhouette is one of the most famous. It reduces your waist size, but this reduction isn’t significant.

Body type

There are a couple of types of female figures, and a high-quality corset should match each type.
Round – round figures don’t have defined waist, but they have slim legs and shoulders. This shape is soft, with natural curves. In this case, the best corset option would be underbust.

Rectangle – women with rectangle figure, have shoulders, waist, and hips all straight. For that reason, they appear more prolonged, and underbust corsets will do wonders for them. Additionally, you can experiment with waist clincher as well because it will help you gain skinnier appearance.


Hourglass figure – this one is the skinniest of them all. It features a defined waist, and if you have natural curves, then you will look spectacular wearing waist clincher.

Triangle figure – commonly known as the pear figure is characterized by a more extensive lower section, while the upper part is smaller.

Compared to hips, your shoulders are narrow, and all curves come from thighs and hips. In this case, you will need a longer underbust corset.Inverted triangle figure – women with this figure has broad shoulders and narrow hips. For that reason, they require a customized corset.

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